18 Point Full Service Oil Change

   Oil Change (up to 5 Quarts    Check and fill Transmission Fluid
   Install New Oil Filter    Check and fill Differential Fluid
   Lubricate Chassis as required    Check Radiator Level
   Check Air Filter and Cabin Air Filter (CAB)    Test Coolant
   Check Breather Element and PCV Valve    Check Wiper Blades
   Check and fill Power Steering Fluid    Check and Set Tires
   Check and fill Battery Fluid    Check all Exterior Lights
   Check and fill Washer Fluid    Check Drive Belts
   Wash Windshield    
   Call or visit shop for complete details.    

Transmission Services

   Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange 



      Replaces Virtually 100% of your Transmission Fluid

   Automatic Transmission Service  
        Remove Pan, Replace Filter, Gasket, and add new Transmission Fluid
   Automatic Full Service and Fluid Exchange  
        A Savings of 25% for Both Services    
   Automatic Transmission Drain & Fill Service    
   Honda Automatic Transmission Drain & Fill  
        Drain Transmission Fluid and Fill with new Transmission Fluid  
   Manual Transmission Service    

Additional Services 

   30K/60K/90K Services    Fuel System Cleaning
   Brake Service    General Repairs
   Computer Diagnostics    Power Steering Flush
   Differential Flush (Front or Rear)    Radiator Flush
   Emissions Repair    Transfer Case
   Emissions Testing    Tune Ups
   Standard Anti-Freeze Fluid, "Dex-Cool" Anti-Freeze Fluid

Air Conditioning Services

  Includes Pressure Check, Refrigerant Reclamation and New Refrigerant Installed by a Certified Technician 
   134a Refrigerant and R12 Refrigerant  

Additional Items

   Air Filter    Lamp Bulbs
   Battery Service    PCV Valve
   Breather Element    Tires 
   Cabin Air Filter    Serpentine Belt Replacement
   Fuel Filter    Wiper Blades
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